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We Naturally Turn to God Only To Use Him To Improve Our Present Lives

June 14, 2012

“Without a radical shift in thinking, no one ever gives up his or her claim on land here in favor of a heavenly mansion. Our most natural passion is to make life outside the Garden of Eden a little more like we imagine it would be inside. We are more committed to making life work now than we are to finding God and living for a later hope. We naturally turn to God only to use him to improve our present lives.”

Larry Crabb, Finding God, Pages 44-45

Questions for Reflection:
In what ways do you try and make your life work now?
Why do you think it is so difficult to live for a “later hope”?

  1. Dwayne Walker permalink

    Happy 46th anniversary (June 18) to Rachel and you.

  2. Mark permalink

    a question better suited for me might be: in what ways don’t I try to make my life work now? There are so few if any that I haven’t tried scheming in some sort of way for manipulative gain.

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