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NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

May 30, 2012

A note from Rachael

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Some of you might be singing that old song with words like…Oh where, oh where have the NewWay team gone? Oh where, oh where can they be…?” It has been a very hectic, delightful, challenging, fulfilling few months. Back in March Larry went off to DC to be with NCS (New Canaan Society) a group of guys he feels very connected to and we had NextStep 4 at Glen Eyrie. Trip and Maribeth came as Spiritual Directors and that group of people (many strangers) is now a very connected social media small group. We have so enjoyed reading the back and forth on Facebook. April took us to Richwoods Church in Peoria, IL to do the School of Spiritual Direction 43, 2 hours from Peoria with 41 leaders from that church. Anthony, Kent and Karla came as Spiritual Directors and when that was over in Carlinville, IL. Andi, Larry and I went back to Richwoods for a Life on the Narrow Road Seminar the Sat after SSD. Then Larry preached 4 services Saturday night and Sunday. The big news of April was Andi’s engagement happening on Good Friday! Yes, you read that right, Andi and Chad are engaged and the wedding is mid-summer. Before April was over Larry and I took off for Portland, OR to minister with a group of folks from the Christian group we were born into. May kept us on the road beginning with a wonderful interlude to OH to celebrate Kensington’s 3rd birthday. Home a few days and out to Asheville, NC and The Billy Graham Training Center for SSD 44. We won’t tell you about the long trip there BUT we will say that God met us and the participants in all 3 weeks of schools this spring. Thanks for praying for us and it has been delightful to see so many of you all over the country, you bless us!

With all the busyness in Larry’s life he actually finished the Gender book–in fact Kep sent it off to Baker House TODAY! Now he is finishing the work on the 25th Anniversary edition of Inside Out by NavPress and will have it finished by the June 15th deadline! That is, with your prayer support because between now and June 15th he leaves for Virginia Beach today to appear on The 700 Club. That appearance will take place Thursday, May 31st. Please pray as he is interviewed about the new edition of The Pressure’s Off that the purposes of God will be FIRST. The week of June 4th he teaches at CCU. June 15-22 SSD 45 at Glen Eyrie with Kent and Karla as Spiritual Directors. Then off to Atlanta to teach at Richmont.

I’ve given the highlights of the life of Larry but didn’t mention several doctors’ appointments, small group retreat, grandkid events, and spending time with me! Thanks for bringing us before the Throne!

You all have been so very faithful and we say from Psalm 47…”Come, everyone! Clap your hands! Shout to God with joyful praise! For the LORD Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth.”

Remembering you all, with health concerns (broken hips, cancer infusions; relatives); job situations (graduates with uncertainty); ministry decisions; funding mission trip or mission calls (asking prayer for something close to my heart-GEM); weddings (Larry does two weddings within a week in July-our great nieces’ in Ohio and our Andi’s in Colorado); family concerns with children; selling houses; recent retirement and the future; many in grief with death of loved ones; summer vacations trips;

So much to take before the throne and what a privilege!!

Rachael for the little team

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  1. Greetings,
    I am very glad that you guys are here! I lead Inside Out groups in a small men’s ministry at my church. We have all reaped a treasure of insights from this great book. Here is a little personal journal entry that I just wrote out.

    “6/4/2012 –
    There are times when life just seems terribly lonely. Lately I had been thinking, “Where is God in all of this?” I ask Him for help frequently, but things often seem to go from bad to worse – or at least they do in my mind. The other day the thought occurred to me, what if God is helping right now, but I just don’t recognize it because of my flawed expectations of what I think ‘help’ is supposed to look & feel like. I think this is very plausible has caused me to look at things a little differently.”

    I really don’t know if I would have seen things quite this way without having lived and breathed Inside Out for so long now so thanks!

    Many blessing to you,

    Bear Nielsen

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