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God Intends That We Encourage One Another

May 23, 2012

“God intends that we be people who use words to encourage one another.  A well-timed word has the power to urge a runner to finish the race, to rekindle hope when despair has set in, to spark a bit of warmth in an otherwise cold life, to trigger healthful self-evaluation in someone who doesn’t think much about his shortcomings, to renew confidence when problems have the upper hand.”

Larry Crabb, Encouragement, Page 25

Questions for Reflection:
In your life, who has encouraged you the most?  What kinds of words did that person use?
Who is God calling you to encourage?

One Comment
  1. I have been encouraged by a man named Justin for the last ten yours of my journey. In times that are tough, he tells me not to be discouraged and that “God is not done with you yet.” More than words, he stays and has been a presence in my life as a friend throughout all my trails. He is “with me” more than he tries to “fix” me.
    I feel drawn to be an encouragement to a young couple that is going through a miscarriage and it was their first time trying. I have watched the couple grow tremendously in the past few years and would like to let them know that their courage inspires me to hope and trust in the Lord more.

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