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Communities Heal When They Focus On Releasing What’s Good

May 16, 2012

“Healing community does not depend on getting people to do what’s right or on figuring out what harmful psychological forces are causing us problems and then trying to fix what’s wrong.  A community that heals is a community that believes the gospel provides forgiveness of all sin, a guaranteed future of perfect community forever, and the freedom now to indulge the deepest desires of our hearts, because the law of God is written within us–we have an appetite for holiness.  Communities heal when they focus on releasing what’s good.”

Larry Crabb, Connecting, Page 38

Questions for Reflection:
Have you experienced the healing community that Dr. Crabb describes here?
How did that community focus on releasing what’s good?

One Comment
  1. Yes, in a recent personal trail, when I wanted to quit or let my anger cause me to sin, I was encouraged to see God’s grace in my life and thus give grace to that situation.
    My community would not pick sides of the dispute, but they did continue to inject hope and the gospel into the situation, making me more soft in my heart and convicted in my sin. I am forever thankful for them.

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