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Gladly Addicted To God…a True Follower of Jesus

April 25, 2012

“I need church. I need to receive the truth that church is designed to powerfully communicate. I need a crack house-like church that will hook me on spiritual crack and then will relentlessly feed my new addiction through the lives of fellow addicts until I live my life in this world as a person gladly addicted to God, a true worshiper, a true follower of Jesus.”

Larry Crabb, Real Church, Page 83

Questions for Reflection:
What does it mean to you to be addicted to God?
Have you experienced this type of community that Dr. Crabb describes here?

One Comment
  1. Likening the madness of crack addiction to the madness for intimacy with God is interesting yet dangerous. Addiction and craving for a substance is not like the longing I feel for unification with my own Source. My madness is mystical and alluring to me in a profoundly pure way. It may be the only pure thought I have. I want to know the God with no agenda other than to show me the beauty and peace offered in Unicity.

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