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No Matter What Your Present Circumstances…Joy IS Available

April 4, 2012

“No matter what your present circumstances, your painful memories, your emotional hurts, your moral failures, your internal struggles, joy is available. Your new disposition to worship and serve God cannot be destroyed, no matter how severe your background. As the Spirit of God empowers you to yield to your supernaturally implanted appetites, you will know joy. If you surrender yourself to God, if you face yourself in the safety of a small community of friends, if you develop a sensitivity to the work of God’s Spirit beneath your pain and sin, and if you commit yourself to resisting what’s bad and releasing what’s good, you will experience joy.”

Larry Crabb, Inside Out, Page 251

Questions for Reflection:
Have you ever experienced this type of “joy”?
How can you encourage others to “know joy”?

  1. sheryl tunnicliffe permalink

    When i read this, i felt joy. i saw immediately that my hope is that i do have Christ within me. That i do have good passions – often underneath my ugliness. His life in me. Oh my gosh, this is such a healing revelation for me – it fills me with such hope that i will change and joy that i am so loved to have God’s spirit within me. thank you so much – this is so grounding and has filled my mind with possibility instead of fear. Yah

  2. I am reading “The Pressures Off” for the second time. The Spirit has been leading me on a journey to know God better through a chronic illness that I have had for 23 years. It has caused me to thirst for Him more than anything else. Then I read your book and was practically jumping up and down because it it helped clarify what theSpirit had been teaching me. I didn’t know about this website until now and am so excited to find it.

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