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When Words Cannot Encourage

March 21, 2012

“Christians must learn how to encourage one another with their words. Words cannot encourage when people are shielding themselves from hurt by wrapping themselves in protective layers. Words motivated by a need to protect are self-serving and therefore nonencouraging. Only words of love can encourage.”

Larry Crabb, Encouragement, Page 145

Questions for Reflection:
What does it look like for you to self-protect?
Think of a time when you were encouraged in love versus a need to protect–how did that feel? How can you do that for others?

One Comment
  1. When Words Cannot Encourage and I experienced that from someone when she complemented me on art work that I did as a gift for her. I negated it and did not believe her and I still remember the feeling of love. I remember how impressed I was how she compared me to being as good as another artist but still this did not encourage me. I felt guilty that I could not accept her encouragement.

    I understand being wrapped in a shield so you will not be hurt that encouragement cannot penetrate this shield. But on the other hand I do not understand and could you elaborate on it.

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