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Life on the Narrow Road: A fresh look on spiritual formation

March 6, 2012

7 QuestionsThere is only one Life on the Narrow Road Conference happening in 2012. It’s scheduled for April 21, 2012, and will be held this year in Peoria, IL.

This one-day conference will be an opportunity to discover the narrow road to real life that not many find. Explore the SEVEN QUESTIONS that God has chosen to answer in order to help us find and walk that road. Learn how real change from the inside out develops as we discern whether we’re on the road to life.

There is always a road to God

From where ever you are, you can take a broad road that promises joy and delivers misery OR you can take the narrow road that is rough but delivers LIFE! The broad road looks appealing and Christian; BUT don’t take it!

  • Listen to the Spirit whisper: “Come, take the narrow road. It’s Life, REAL LIFE.”
  • It’s counter-cultural!
  • It’s not for the self-centered! It’s the road of hope, the road to joy!

Join us as we discover how to:

  • Unmask the deception that makes the broad road look good.
  • Understand how real men and real women walk the narrow road.
  • See how Life on the Narrow Road, with neither shortcuts nor formulas, lets us experience God and live like Jesus in every circumstances of life.

For more information about the Life on the Narrow Road Conference, go to this link on the NewWay Ministries web site. Hope to see you there!

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