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When We Turn Away From God’s Ideas…

February 22, 2012

“God has already told us to live for Him, to be like Him, to represent Him to others, and to further His plans.  When we turn away from His ideas, we turn instead to our experiences in life to see what is good and bad.  Whatever feels good, what seems to give us an immediate experience of life, we decide is life; we decide it is food for our souls, and we chase after it with all the excitement of a street person in the back alley rummaging through the fine restaurant’s garbage.”

Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Page 91

Questions for Reflection:

What is “life” for you?
What ideas of God’s have you turned away from?
How do you hope to move forward given that we know God wants us to live for Him and further His plans?

One Comment
  1. Kristy Manes permalink

    LIfe, for me, is definitely about gratitude. Gratitude for all God has given me, done for me, and the many, MANY times He has saved my life, and saved me from myself. I worry about those I know and love who worry SO much about money, about what the World says is “Success” or “Acceptance”…I have a warm bed, food to eat, clothing to actually choose from. I have loving friends and two AWESOME sisters who support me and care about my life. AND, last but really first, I am a Child of God. As one of 3 girls who had only Grandparents’ love growing up, it is wonderful for me to actually have a Father who loves me! Yes, indeed, I am rich and successful, in the face of what the world would say is “Not enough”. Amen!

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