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NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

February 9, 2012

A note from Rachael

A long overdue prayer initiative:

Larry is busily working on the book, Gender, and he has signed with Baker Publishers. He really likes relationships with publishers and teams. Baker is family involved, something Larry has liked since the ’70s when he went with Zondervan after meeting Pat Zondervan, also living in Boca Raton, FL. He’s on Chapter 14 and has had a little stretch of writing before he hits a very busy Spring schedule:

January started off with Larry at a meeting in Naples, FL for NCS, he really enjoyed the time with the guys. It was great for me to go and spend time with my sister whose husband was in the hospital. Larry and I felt so blessed to be there during a very trying time for Ann and John. John is so glad to be home with 24/7 care.

Second week he taught a course at CCU, third week had an appt with the oncologist ( a very encouraging report, next MRI is in March)and spent the next week and 1/2 writing. On the 28th we went to OH —Kenny is teaching a SS class on 66 Love Letters so Larry took the class that Sunday and Monday. He then had the biggest speaking engagement of his life: How to Write a Book, for Kait’s (our grand daughter) secondgrade class in Chardon. I stayed on in OH to sit the girls ages 2, 6, and 8. Pretty hard to manage with a very badly sprained foot and crutches but the girls were so helpful. I’m now walking with a boot and getting around but the doctor told me it would be 6 -8 weeks till I walked better.

Larry and I went to Northern Colorado to visit friends going through some tough times! We had planned a visit to see another friend BUT my foot got in the way. Love living normal, visiting friends just for mutual encouragement.

February brings a bit more writing time but articles due, a trip to TX for the Christian Counselors of TX Association, then our missionary friends from Europe come for eye surgery, the 24th Larry will be doing a workshop at CCU for a pastor’s conf with Haddon Robinson.

Larry will be busy preparing for speaking engagements and a busy March: NCS in DC the first weekend, second weekend and part of the next week at Moody Church in Chicago; a little writing time in the fourth week before Trip comes and they prepare for Next Step, March 23-30 to be held at Glen Eyrie (hope some of you SSD alumni can join us-we still have openings).

Then in April there is a private SSD in Peoria, IL with a couple SSD grads coordinating. We will have 3 Spiritual Directors joining us for this, Anthony Vartuli, Kent and Karla Denlinger. (Kent and Anthony are pastors who got their doctorates from Gordon in the same study group) We don’t do out of area SSDs often but we do have a few exceptions, this is the one for this decade.  After that SSD we conclude our trip with a Life on the Narrow Road conference, open to all.  then we head home from Peoria where we will have a few days before heading off to Portland, OR to minister with the denomination /non denomination we fellowshipped with as children.

May brings an SSD at The Cove (14-21) and other things I will share with you in the next prayer initiative when I will give updates on the completion of the Spring schedule. DV

Many of you have asked about Andi’s health. We had dinner/staff meeting with her last night and we got the word from her lips:-heart is good, is on meds and will be, her hearing is almost restored after a very serious infection that landed her in the hospital and was told she would lose her hearing!! A real praise!

Thank you for your prayers and know we pray for you: so very many things have happened in your lives since the last prayer initiative: deaths of loved ones; illnesses of all kinds in you and yours; financial reversals; family hardships: houses under water, marriages, children; soul weary pilgrims; praise for births; ministry opportunities; HE is there and HE is not silent (sometimes hard to believe)

Psalm 62:1-2 My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.
With grateful hearts,

Rachael for the little team

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    Dear Rachel (and Larry), glad to reconnect, regrets unable to attend alumni SSD. Last three years, continued private practice (small) in Tyler Texas and working with Army Air Force contract as family consultant. Connecting with Richard Rohr’s From Wild Man to Wise Man, The Naked Now, and others. Non-dualistic living. Rohr’s recent DVD on Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine is opening new doors of my new contemplative heart. Larry’s foundation in Scripture and Spiritual Direction continues to be a bedrock. When learned of Larry’s health recently, began praying more intently. For the awesome spiritual blessings of our Most Awesome Mysterious Jehovah, I pray for the Crabbs and the ministry.

  2. Dear Sir Larry,

    Good day!

    I have just heard your video about forgiveness. I would like to write to you and seek more Godly counsel bout my problem but I don’t know how? Hope you can tell me. I really need your prayers and help. Thanks. God bless

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