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Speaking Is the Gateway…Silence Is the Gatekeeper

December 28, 2011

“Speaking is the gateway to relationship.  Silence is the gatekeeper.  The Hebrew Bible teaches us that words usher us out of silence and connect us to God.  And being powerfully present in our words is a potent opportunity to bring life into areas where death reigns.  But along with that opportunity comes a terrifying warning.  Our silence destroys.  There is no middle ground.”

Larry Crabb, The Silence of Adam, Page 99

Questions for Reflection:
How have your words brought life to someone else?
How has your silence destroyed or hurt your relationships?

  1. Ken permalink

    I find this to be one of my greatest struggles in life. When do I speak up, and when do I remain silent? Is the person I want to address interested in hearing what I have to say, or are they resistant? Is what I want to say edifying, or critical? Is the Spirit leading me to speak out, or is it my flesh? When I know I’m Spirit led, I can leave the results (or in some cases, fallout) to God. I guess that’s my best rule for engagement: If I’m Spirit led, I’ll speak up. If I’m aware that my flesh want to speak out of hurt, disappointment or anger, it’s best to remain silent. The hearer’s response really isn’t my responsibility if I’m Spirit-led and Spirit-controlled in my speaking. But fear of rejection still makes it hard to speak up at times.

  2. Scott permalink

    Totally agree with Ken. There are times where the Spirit has spoken through me and all glory to God for the outcomes is always amazing when I yield to Him. A practical eg is times when I speak with my wfe about a touchy topic. When the Spirit speaks the outcome is different.
    Sometimes getting started is the challenge. The times I have questioned the Spirit’s prompting but not stepped out it has been quite clear in hindsight that I should have. To be bold, you just have to be bold. I would encourage all to find an environment where stepping out is encouraged and failure is OK.
    Silence also can be and must be Spirit-led. Sometimes the Spirit is saying “put the break on”, but we go on talking. Most likely we will dig ourselves a nice big hole to dive into – and I don’t mean a swimming pool!

  3. Still begs the question – why was Adam silent? He failed to move into the situation in front of him.

    Why do we often fail to move and speak? Or we speak and do, too much!

    Silence can help us to listen to The Family (Daddy, Jesus, Spirit) out of which we can move and speak. Perhaps Adam wasn’t listening to The Family, he was exercising his free choice.

    Silence is dangerous if it is not focused on listening to what Spirit is calling us to do and be.

  4. Scott permalink

    The Glory of God must be revealed and to do so must be our greatest desire. The praise of God echoes in the hallways and Throne Room of God, longing to be echoed in His people and thus to the ends of God’s the Earth. The prophetic must be spoken. We must become content to speak that which we hear in that secret place. As we “come before His Throne of Grace with confidence” and hear His whisper, we hear what we must “shout out from the rooftops”. For these are the Words of Grace, Salvation, Healing, Love that the world so desperately needs. Are we prepared to venture to the place of self-abandonment, vulnerability, silence that we become content with speaking just one Word of God? One Word that may look foolish, but is so apt that the soul of the receiver finds something so rich that cannot be resisted. The results of which may not be evident to the speaker but the Angels sing louder and God’s Name is glorified throughout Heaven and Earth. That is how I came into the Kingdom. Most would say “I was a product of many years of sowing”. This suggests however that the harvest is NOT ripe. Sowing is essential, but this is not what is missing. We plow and re-sow year after year. If we dared to speak the prophetic would we not see more saved? The harvest is ripe, the sickle is the prophetic Word of God.

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