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Only Truth…Will Make Me a Disciple

December 21, 2011

“Only truth that reaches deep into my being with the power to reveal my subtle, relational addictions and to arouse my desire for God will make me a disciple.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Real Church, Page 91

Question for Reflection:
What truth/s has God made known to you in your journey to becoming a disciple?

  1. Monte Sheets permalink

    One time, while expressing to God my frustrations concerning the congregation I pastor and my disappointment that He didn’t open opportunities for me to go elsewhere, I sensed God saying to me, “I could allow you to go to another place, but three things will remain the same, Me, you and people. So why don’t you allow me to change you so that you can love people.” That wonderful truth has been a great help in my journey to becoming a disciple. I am entering my twenty-seveth year as the pastor of that congregation and enjoying pastoral ministry more than ever before.

  2. Pastor Monte: What a wonderful illustration! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Scott permalink

    So true! God is in the game of change. That is why He has given us His Spiriit. So often we are faced with a self we do not like and want to change, but it is by His Spirit that the desires of the flesh are crucified and this is God’s will. It is not by our effort or our will. So I ask myself where do I fit into this process? Am I just sitting in the backseat along for the ride. In one sense yes but often we talk about repentance in the wrong sense and it becomes just a resolution to do better. Like the ones we will make in a fews days from now. The best I can offer is my consent. To consent to God’s Holy movement in my being, to consent to Christ’s teaching and truth to reveal exactly who I am and to consent to this Truth to bring about change by the power of His Spirit that so might works in me. This is how I have seen change personally in my life over the last few years. It is freeing as His Truth sets me free. The times I have seen trur lasting change have been Truth revealed and empowered in the depths of my being – for this, only God can get the Glory and therefore I cannot say I am a better person but that my God who lives in me has more of me today than He did last week, month, year.

  4. Truth, hmm, dangerous but good.

    The times when I truly have felt a change, when I have had a disciple making experience, were times were truth’s such as ‘your loved, you have value, I will be there with you’ have intermingled with times of absolute need.

    ‘Peter, you denied knowing me, the truth is I still love you and I have a purpose for you – feed my sheep’

    • Ken permalink

      I agree. At those intersections in life where we become the most hungry for God, the most dependent on Him, we do our most significant growing. Those are the moments where we have a choice: do we blame God, get angry with Him, or walk away from Him? Or do we choose to draw closer, trusting Him with our very being? Our pride makes us want to lash out at God, or mistrust Him. But God is opposed to the proud. God gives His grace to those who humble themselves before Him. No one enjoys the pain in life. But the pain isn’t there for enjoyment. So we might as well choose the route that will make us more like Jesus, which will ultimately benefit us personally, and be a benefit to community around us. But believing that still doesn’t make it easy, at least for me.

  5. Rosanne G permalink

    In sharing recently with a friend about my battle to forgive someone who was continuing to behave in foolish, damaging ways but not deny or minimize the impact of his sin, she commented: “Maybe it begins with praying for God’s mercy for him and for yourself. Acknowledging the need for mercy is really what forgiveness is. We’re really at our most human when we acknowledge our need for mercy and for extending mercy.”

    The truth of her statement lodged itself deeply in my heart. Asking God for mercy both for myself and for the one who harms me doesn’t sweep sin under the carpet; rather, it affirms that wrong has been done, that things are not as they should be, that we have fallen short of God’s glory and only He can redeem. Crying out for mercy for another keeps an open heart hoping for restoration, releases the offender to God for Him to bring the conviction of and salvation from sin that only He can work, even as it says: “This is NOT OK!” and doesn’t insist that I feel some kind of climactic release in order to feel that I’ve “done the right thing and forgiven.” Affirming my own need for mercy keeps my heart from hardening in pride and bitterness and results in genuine compassion and longing for all things to be made new, both in me and in the one who injured me.

    In that conversation, my wise friend helped me see myself “at my most human” before God. The truth that posture revealed is continuing to make me free to love and forgive.

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