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2011 Year in Review; 2012 Preview

December 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

We try not to overload you with correspondence, but a couple of times a year we want you to know how your efforts undergird ours and what is happening as we follow God’s call to reveal that there really is a new way to live.

The year 2011 has been memorable for several personal reasons.  Looming large in our “little teams” memory is my cancer surgery which had good results.  Thanks for all your prayers.

I continue to write and publish with new fervor. I am currently writing a book on gender, tentatively titled, The Bridge, Where Men and Women Meet, A Liberating Look at Gender.  The book will seek to provide a biblical framework for understanding what it means to be a masculine man and a feminine woman, both created equally in God’s image to uniquely reveal God’s way of relating. I hope to cast a vision that will inspire men to move toward life-changing impact and women to rest into an invitational way of relating.

My latest book 66 Love Letters went on sale earlier this year, followed by two conferences presenting the message of that book. The online study guides were released throughout the year, and have proven to be a great companion guide for many.  An unexpected but encouraging outgrowth from the success of 66 Love Letters has been the publishing of the 66 Love Letters Devotional, a great gift item (a hint for the holidays?).

We continue to see and feel God’s favor on The School of Spiritual Direction (SSD). We’ve completed our 42nd school and the 3rd NextStep School of Spiritual Direction. Our “little team” believes that it is the students of those Schools that are my “living” legacy. I agree.

Other than the days the medical staff tied me down before, during, and after surgery, I stayed on the road much of the year meeting with such groups as the New Canaan Society (perhaps the most significant national men’s ministry today), The Billy Graham Training Center, teaching at Colorado Christian University and Richmont University, Hope Chapel in Maui, AACC’s World Conference and many more.

Because of this year’s health issues I had to cancel the Scottsdale Bible Church event on Gender. We look forward to re-scheduling the conference, hopefully in the fall of 2012. By then, I expect to have a richer understanding of the topic. God’s timing is good.

As many of you know this is the first active year of NewWay’s Lasting Legacy Campaign. This three year (2011-2013) fundraising campaign is a focused attempt to free my schedule up (less travel) which would then allow me to have more time to shape my thoughts for paper and production, a “lasting legacy” form of media.

While cancer surgery set us back a bit we continue to move forward. Your 2011 donations have made it possible for me to decline several 2012 speaking engagements and give up the expected income. I am grateful for your financial gifts. Click here to learn more about the Lasting Legacy Campaign.

Together our “little team” of 5, Darla, Andi, Kep, Rachael and I are excited to update you on the following-

A 2011 Review:

66 Love Letters The Book Released
66 Love Letters The Devotional Released
66 Love Letters The Audio Collection Released
66 Love Letters The Online Study Guides Released
Ongoing articles for Conversations journal and Christian Counseling Today Magazine
Began “The Bridge, Where Men and Women Meet

Finding God: A Study Guide
Inside Out: An Individual or Group Reflection Guide

The E-Store
We realize that many of you could purchase my books and various products through other resources at occasionally lower prices. But your intentional decision to purchase through our e-store allows us to use the profits toward another legacy product. So thank you for supporting us in yet another way.

The School of Spiritual Direction:
Completed our 42nd school
Introduced the Certificate in Spiritual Direction-a joint venture with (More Information)

NextStep School of Spiritual Direction:
Completed our 3rd NextStep

Real Church Initiative
I came together in June with several leaders to strategize about bringing the vision from Real Church into our church communities. Currently on hold as I focus on other passions.

Twitter, Facebook and Blog
It is hard for me to admit, but we (OK -Andi) have entered into this long resisted form of communication. I realize it is a viable way to quickly update folks and engage in conversations. So as I can, Andi will update or share my current thinking with you via one of these media forms. But in the meantime I do hope that you will join some of the blog conversations that are going on. (A note to those who don’t use this form of communication-we will still send out our periodic e-news updates).

Weekly Words
These quick thought-provoking sentences that come from one of my books (with a few questions that will stir reflection) have proven to be a blessing to many. I have enjoyed reading your comments. We look forward to continuing this simple but good ministry in 2012. To sign up to receive Weekly Words please click on the link at the bottom of the page that says to Update Profile and follow the prompts.

A 2012 Preview:

Speaking/Teaching Engagements:
The 2012 calendar will be released in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out.

Ongoing articles for Conversations journal and Christian Counseling Today Magazine
Complete The Bridge, Where Men and Women Meet to be released early 2013

Curricula/Audio Products:
The Gender Curriculum (in-studio 2012)
A Marriage Curriculum (in-studio 2012)
An SSD Curriculum (prep time in 2012, in-studio 2013)
Connecting: A Study Guide Available February 2012
Marriage Builder: A Study and Leaders Guide Available March 2012
Connecting Audio Available May 2012
Becoming A True Spiritual Community Audio Available May 2012
Silence of Adam Audio Available May 2012
And several more presentations to be published into an audio format throughout 2012

The School of Spiritual Direction:
2012 Dates Confirmed. Hope you can join us!! (Check Dates and Locations)

NextStep School of Spiritual Direction:
2012 Colorado Springs, CO Dates Confirmed. Hope you can join us for a more hands on experience! (Check Dates)

Twitter, Facebook and Blog
As time allows, I will share some of my current thinking on topics that feel alive in me. Our desire is to create a place for like minded people to engage in conversations that matter. Join us (see links below) and start a conversation today!

Weekly Words
These excerpts from my writings will continue. To sign up to receive Weekly Words please click on the link at the bottom of the page that says to Update Profile and follow the prompts.

It has been a year of tears, joy and faithful surprises. We continue to believe in our message and believe that the Lord is advancing His plans for us.

On behalf of the NewWay Ministries team, I thank you for your prayers, friendship, and financial support as we continue to follow our calling!  It is a great encouragement to have you stand with us.

Warmly In Him,


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