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One Measure of Our Love for God Is Whether We Obey Him. But…

December 14, 2011

“One measure of our love for God is whether we obey Him.  But I don’t love other people by obeying them.  I may do what they want (for example, I took dance lessons with Rachael), but I don’t think of it as obedience.  It makes me wonder–is my love for God more like driving  the speed limit when I spot a cop behind me?  I don’t like the thought.”

Larry Crabb, The PAPA Prayer, Page 143

Questions for Reflection:
How do you relate to this thought?
Why is obedience a measure of our love for God?


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  1. sheryl tunnicliffe permalink

    I know what you mean. Lately, i have just been coming to God – not really knowing if i ‘love’ Him but coming anyway. I have found it more liberating to own up to my not knowing. Obedience has been a loaded term for me through most of my adult life, but i do like God somewhat and i find that i am looking for a way to be thankful. That is what obedience looks like for me. A vehicle to express gratitude.

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