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If We Believe There’s More Pleasure In Something Other Than God…

November 30, 2011

“If we believe there’s more pleasure in something other than God, then our obedience will never rise above required duty, our prayers will never aim higher than using God, and our joy will always leave an emptiness that drives us to further self-centered efforts to find the fullness we demand.”

Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams, Page 183

Question for Reflection:
Do you believe it’s possible to enjoy God more than anyone or anything else?

One Comment
  1. Melissa M. permalink

    I find this to be deeply challenging. I have been struggling in a difficult time in my marriage as a fairly newly wed, most of the marriage has been pretty hard. I feel like my life has turned upside-down and I wonder how I got here, especially because I was a careful person in dating, kept myself pure, and now I am hurting like I never imagined wondering how to live the rest of my life. I have really been convicted several times that even my marriage has too high of a ranking in my heart compared to God which is why my emotions are all over the place instead of steady and my heart so empty and in pain that I can’t see clearly.

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