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Our Self-protection Strategies

November 23, 2011

“The demand to keep ourselves safe is strong.  We look in all the wrong places for the relief our soul desires so badly, developing a style of relating designed to protect ourselves from the pain we fear.  Although our self-protective strategies are foolish (even when we get the safety we want, we realize it’s not what we want), we still cling to our ‘right’ to protect ourselves.  We demand that our pain be relieved.  That core demand must be faced before we’ll give it up through repentance and learn to re-direct our energy into love.”

Larry Crabb, Inside Out, Page 142

Questions for Reflection:
In what specific ways do you self-protect in your relationships?
How have you experienced the foolishness of self-protection (you realize it’s not what you want)?

One Comment
  1. Scott permalink

    I have come to realise that Christ is my protection. Sometimes my humanity takes over and I forget this, but lovingly, He reminds me.
    I am learning daily that vulnerability with my Lord is the greatest source of my protection. Losing myself in Him. As I do, I find the power of the Holy Spirit at work to bring about the change my heart longs for.
    The very thing I want to hold on to – myself that is – is the very thing I MUST let go of. He speaks those gentle words “you can trust Me”. When I exercise faith into the vulnerable and truly trust myself to His loving hands, I find He is Strength, Peace, Power, Love and all this “housed in this jar of clay” that I am. When I realise I am nothing, I realise that He is everything and that in Him I have everything I will ever need. This is the ultimate security my soul longs for.

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