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Ministry or Manipulation?

November 16, 2011

“Do I manipulate or minister?  Am I bolstering my sense of well-being when I speak with you, or am I eager to bolster yours?  Do I see to it I never look bad, or do I provide the safety for someone else to look bad in the presence of grace?  Is everything else, including my desire to bless you and to see you doing well, a second thing to my first thing desire for God?”

Larry Crabb, SoulTalk, Page 127

Questions for Reflection:
As you ask yourself these questions, what stirs in you?
How have you appeared to minister to others when in actuality you manipulated?

One Comment
  1. Vacheslav permalink

    Dear Dr. L. Krabb!

    Greetings to you from the incipient Community of Christian consultants and
    psychotherapists of evangelical churches of Ukraine!

    For the long time evangelical churches in Ukraine didn’t realize the necessity for the
    creation of special programs on Christian counseling elaboration. Only during these last two
    years leaders of evangelical Churches here started to think seriously on the development of
    Bible consultation programs. Because Bible consultation in our context here is still forms as
    separate ministry, we see reasonability to invite you as the representative of the developed
    and existing school of Bible counseling to the conference which will take place in May, 2012
    in Ukraine. We see that your enormous experience and actual approach in development of
    appropriate model of consultation might greatly help to the Evangelical Community in Ukraine
    to be more effective in development of these consultation programs, this way expanding the
    ranges of God’s Kingdom and brining people to the fullness of life in Christ.

    For the first time in Ukraine. In May 2011 we had a conference of Christian psychologist
    with 100 participants from all over the country. The goal of this conference was to gather
    Christian consultants and counselors together, to share their experience in ministry and think
    about better ways of how to meet the people needs in Church as well as those people needs
    who are not believers yet.

    With the cultural characteristics of our country, interest and a great demand in
    development of Christian counseling is obvious. We see your approach to be very close to
    our context, oriented to Biblical thinking instead of a “recipe prescription” methods and at the
    same time it corresponds to the main academical requirements. We believe that sharing this
    experience would help the Community of Christian psychologists and counselors in Ukraine
    to develop this ministry on a deeper level, preparing future generation of ministers through
    discipleship and spiritual fatherhood.

    We would appreciate any feedback from you on this matter. If there is an opportunity for
    us to invite you to participate in the Conference in May 2012 in Ukraine, we would like to know
    what are your terms and conditions for this visit. We will be happy to do everything we can to
    make your participation in the conference possible.

    With great respect, organizing committee of the conference,
    Lianna Anna and Khalanskiy Vacheslav (Ukraine).

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