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Are You Experiencing the Battle?

November 10, 2011

“My nature, what comes naturally to Me [Jesus], is to live for the well-being of others at any cost to Myself.  Your nature, what comes naturally to you, is to live for your own well-being at any cost to Me or to others.  My nature, the holy inclination to love, is now in you.  When you relate in the energy of that inclination, you are relating not naturally but supernaturally, above and in conflict with your natural inclination.  Expect a battle.”

Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 335

Question for Reflection:
How have you experienced the “battle” in your life?

  1. The Battle is always present.

    I remember listening to Marva Dawn ask us as students to clasp our hands together. So joining my right hand with my left hand I followed her instructions and held them above my head. I grew tired, I wanted to let my hands down, but Marva encouraged us to keep them up.

    There was a battle, a tension, a weariness.

    There is a battle going on between living for Christ and for self. Surely if I live for Christ then there must be positive spin offs for me, because life really is all about me isn’t it?

    Paul says for me to live is Christ, to die is gain. Phil.1 21

    Arms are tired, battle is loud and noisy.

    They, Daddy, Jesus and Spirit, whisper ‘rely on our strength, our grace, our kindness’

    thanks Larry, Andi and the team

  2. Wade permalink

    Battle? Sometimes it feels more like a slaughter!

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