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God Meets Us Where We Are…

November 2, 2011

“God meets us where we are, not where we pretend to be or wish we were.  My job is to pay attention to where I am.  When I enter my reality (my red-dot truth), He brings His reality, His truth, into mine.  Truth is a two-way street.  When I avoid my truth, I nod politely, and I might even smile or say amen when I hear His.  But not much happens.  God’s truth does not set free a pretending or hiding heart.”

Larry Crabb, Real Church, Pages 137-138

Questions for Reflection:
In what ways do you hide your true self from God and/or others?
How have you experienced a two-way street of truth with God and what has been the fruit of that in your life?

One Comment
  1. Jenny permalink

    I like to hide from anger at Him. I like to pretend that my relationship is better than it is. Other times I like to think that He doesn’t love me because that makes my anger justified in my mind. Other times I have seen the depravity of man in the mirror of my own soul and know that I have received far more than I could ever deserve. These are the times I can look back on my life and say ” You oh God are my Rock and my Salvation. It was Him who brought me out of Egypt,

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