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Misguided Biblical Principles and Strategies?

October 12, 2011

“The problem sincere Christians have with God often comes down to a wrong understanding of what this life is meant to provide.  We naturally and wrongly assume we’re here to experience something God has never promised.  More than perhaps ever before in history, we assume we are here for one fundamental reason: to have a good time–if not good circumstances, then at least good feelings.  We long to feel alive, to sense passion and romance and freedom.  We want the good time of enjoying godly kids, of making a difference in people’s lives, of involvement with close friends, of experiencing God’s peace.  So we invent ‘biblical’ strategies for seeing to it that our dreams come true.  We call them models of godly parenting and disciplines of spiritual living and principles of financial stewardship–all designed to give us a legitimately good time.  What’s wrong with that?”

Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams, Page 31

Questions for Reflection:
What stirs in you the most as you read this?
What “biblical” strategies have you used to ensure your dreams come true?

  1. I don’t know where those Christians are getting that idea from. I thought we were here to glorify God.

  2. Roger Perkins permalink

    It seems the issue has to do with motivations and giving up control. Am I trying to relieve pain by doing good things (even spiritual disciplines) or am I responding to God’s nudging to do whatever it takes to enter into greater fusion/alignment/union with Love? If the latter, I am aware I will be entering ever increasing dimensions of suffering–especially with those who bug me, natural physical decline, and awareness and public confession of my own inadequacies.

  3. It makes me think of the book by Ravi Zacharias, Has Christianity Failed You? As for biblical strategies to ensure that my dreams come true I most often remember Matthew 6:33.

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