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The Price of Repentance

October 5, 2011

“Repentance is neither a complete cure nor an easy one.  The price is high.  For repentance to be deep enough to wash away substantial amounts of our inside dirt, we must endure some hard times.”

Larry Crabb, Inside Out, Page 219

Question for Reflection:
In your journey, how have you seen “hard times” lead to deep repentance?

  1. Ken permalink

    I wish I could say otherwise, but too often I wait ’til the pain of NOT repenting becomes greater than my perceived cost of repentance. Sometimes I want my way, I don’t want to give up my way even though I know that’s what God wants. I experience both God’s grace and consequences for my choices. So many times I ask myself, “Why didn’t I choose His way in the first place?” I’m a slow learner, I guess!

  2. Scott permalink

    I have found in my own life that it can be so easy to believe I am a sinner, that all is not well, to mope and feel sorry for myself in a puddle of regret, thinking this is repentence. It is easy to believe I am worthy of a place in the gutter along side my sin. But that is the place where grace finds me. Where His Grace holds out it’s hand and welcomes me into His presence again – but it is up to me to take hold of His out stretched grace. It is easy to believe I am a sinner, but I believe all the more in the power of His saving grace that washes me of my filth. My greatest times of repentence are the ones where I dance, sing, cry and mourn all at the same time in His glorious grace.Realising that this is where He wants me to live and to repent out of my relationship with Him, for He lives in me. The more I experience His grace, the more I realise the filth of my sin. Seeing the pig pit I was in and saying I am home and never want to leave. This journey drives me to my knees and forces me to bow at His throne in desperation for more of Jesus. For It was only Him who got me there by His grace and only His power that will keep me there as “I am shielded by His power through faith”

    – at least that is my journey anyway.


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